Racial Slurs And Discrimination

Jocelynn Felarca, Reporter

In our day and age, children are known for their foul language, but they are also known for the racial slurs they throw at their friends or fellow peers.

Nowadays, children learn from the environment that they grow up in or live around, so this puts some of the blame on not just them but their superiors. It is even in the music that we hear today.

Whether it is a rap song, or and R&B classic, you can hear subtle racial slurs in the song that children have no problem with repeating. Although it is a lyric in the song, there are some things that sound inappropriate or shocking for a child to say. 

Despite the many laws that have been enforced, racism and discrimination are still alive and there have been many attempts to terminate it, but none have truly succeeded.

Many people could try and say that it is dying down or that some of the laws have helped to rebuke it, but it will never truly go away. Perhaps people would stop mentioning it, or keep it to themselves, but that does not mean that it is completely vanished, and we can all look at each other as equals. As bewildering and breathtaking as that sounds, some people cannot let go of the fact that we are all people, not colors.