El Paso Walmart Welcomes Community Three Months After Being Shutdown


Mia Silva II Teal Tribune

Walmart employee escorts a customer into the reopening of the store Thursday morning Nov. 14.

Andres Marquez and Alekzandria Alegre

A little more than three months after the Cielo Vista Walmart shooting, the store reopened and welcomed the community Thursday morning Nov. 14 at 9 a.m.

Walmart employees gathered together by the entrance and cheered as customers grabbed shopping carts and entered the store for the first time since Aug. 3.

The unity displayed by the employees was also met with others as people outside of the Sun City joined in to show their support.

Arizona State University graduate student Frankie Mclister, who works as a student aide for Cronkite News, is covering the reopening for his news organization and to support the community.

“I’m not from El Paso, but it’s definitely a story that has been nationwide so it’s amazing to have the ability to come here and really feel the sense of community here and how the tragic event has impacted the city,” McLister said.

Some are not happy about the timing of the reopening as the Walmart memorial is still under construction.

“It was too soon for them because everybody is still grieving about the loss and they should have waited and finished the memorial before they reopened it, but Walmart is a business, so they just needed to reopen it because it was time for them,” senior Raul Grolou said.

Grolou also mentioned he if he would go back, he would not hesitate because of security issues.

“I would go back,” Grolou said. “I believe in Walmart’s capabilities of keeping us safe. Every Walmart you go to, there is at least three officers and security guards protecting us at the gate.”

The El Paso community is taking back its integrity and reputation of being one of the safest cities in the nation, as well as its hate-free community.

“This is El Paso,” Jesus Hugo said. We are just showing the community that we’re together. This is not something that’s going to define us, but we’re never going to forget

Walmart representatives walk in the front of the store during the reopening of Walmart. Photo by Mia Silva